Susan Marder

Susan Marder

I was born in Philadelphia and began taking piano lessons at the age of 4.


Growing up on a steady diet of jazz, pop, r&b, folk, classical and broadway (depending on which family member had control of the record player), I developed a love for a wide variety of music.


I began writing songs in High School and later attended Berklee College of Music where I majored in arranging and composition.


From there I spent a year on the road singing and playing piano in a jazz/pop quartet.


I then returned to Philadelphia where I performed solo for several years while studying privately with jazz legend Dennis Sandole.


In 1983, I moved to Los Angeles to follow my dream of writing music for film and tv.


Several projects ensued, which enabled me to work with many legends of the music industry.


I live in L.A. with my husband of 16 years, noted musician Rich Ruttenberg, who not only works with me on projects as my synth programmer/pianist, but makes killer pizza from scratch!!!!


-Susan Marder

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